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It's a Mitre!


It's my first mitre! One of the other gals at the MDK KAL said they used Caron Simply Soft for a blanket and I realized that I have a ton of it laying around the house and there's nothing wrong with using acrylic yarn! And there ya go, 1 down 79 to go! Oh, I'm using #6 needles for this project.

I think I'm going to do black and another color for each mitre. Black & blue, black & purple, black & green, black & yellow... you get the idea.

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You've got it bad, and that ain't good. Well, really, it is good.

I have made a ton of dishrags and what I do about the slow drying time is, I just use a new one every day. They dry really well in the dryer and they get all fadey and wonderful looking. If you like that sort of thing.....xox Kay


OK, there seems to be something wrong with my comment template. Sorry about that! Trying to fix it now.


I think you will never find this comment since it's already July but..
I love the idea of using acrylic for this really awesome project. I think the black w XXX is going to be a knock out! I'd love to see a picture sometime!


Thanx! If I ever finish the thing I will of course post more pictures. I haven't exactly been working on this particular project lately... there's just so many fun things to knit!


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