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July 11, 2006

More Bibbage


I finished these ages ago but I've been very lazy about my FO posting!

On the right we have another bib from the MDK book. I followed the pattern for it using Peaches & Creme cotton yarn (color: Daisy) and finished it with a cute little happy face button. I have no idea if I attached the thing properly. I don't think I've every put a button on something before! I think I mentioned this before, but just to make sure... a bib according to the pattern in the book takes up nearly an entire ball of P&C.

On the left is a tweaked pattern. Does this officially make me a knitter? I'm tweaking patterns! I started with the ball band warshcloth pattern from the MDK book, bound off all but 11 stitches and then used those last 11 stitches to countinue the slip-stitch pattern up the strap. I didn't want to pick up more stitches for a second strap so I just made it extra long and put the button on the bib itself. The yarn is Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in black and red. I used a little truck for the button. There must be quite a bit more yarn in a ball of the Lion Cotton than the P&C, 'cuz I still have quite a bit of it left! Mmmm... dishclothes....

I can't take credit for either of those design tweaks. They're both courtesy of other lovely knitters at the KAL (where this will be cross-posted)

Twist and Shout!


This is my first finished scarf for the Think Pink Challenge. The idea is to make knitted or crocheted scarves (pink of course) for October for Breast Cancer Awareness. I believe they are being given away at some point, but please don't quote me! Go to the website and join in the fun!

Anyway. I used the pattern here I think I used #10 needles, but I'm not entirely positive. (I really need to post these things closer to when I finish them!) I do know that I used some Caron Simply Soft, dark pink for most of the rows and then light pink for the last couple (outside) rows.

OK. this pattern ends up incredibly cute, and I like the end result a lot. However! after the first couple rows I wanted to hurt someone. The increase rows made my hands hurt and cramp up just because it was all so tight. And can you say 720 stitch bind-off row? I honestly had to force myself to do "just a little bit more" in order to finish the stinking thing.

But I do like the end result a lot. So I'm going to try a different spiral scarf pattern and see if I like it better. I think just doing a different kind of increase would make it not so miserable. We shall see!

And because it just has to be included:


That would be my co-worker Jeff. I had the finished scarf at work and he decided to model it (and his pop bottle) for me!

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