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January 29, 2007

Pink Waves


This is Wavy from Knitty. I finished it waaaaaay back at the end of September, but I am a horrible F'ed O poster! This was one of the two scarves I sent to the Think Pink Challenge. The other was the Twisty scarf.

I didn't mess with the pattern at all, the only thing I did differently was that I used Lion Brand Microspun instead of the Cascade 220 that was called for. I used the fuchsia colorway to fit with the whole Thinking Pink of the challenge. I've used the yarn before and I really like it. It's beautifully soft and smooth. This scarf used 2 skeins of the stuff.

I liked knitting this pattern quite a bit. It's a knit/purl pattern that makes the waves and (to me anyway) it almost has the look of cables without actually being cables. It's also reversible which is a lovely quality in a scarf!


Macro Time!


Yes, I know. I am a complete and total dork.

KP Memories Lacy Socks


I'm working my way through my FO's so here we have a pair of socks I finished around the beginning of October.

Of course I finished these before I started keeping track of exactly what I was doing so I don't remember how many stitches I used or anything like that. I might have used a size 0 needle or a size 1, I'm just not sure! (I have since learned my lesson and now write it all down)

The bits I do remember... the yarn is KP Memories in the Pansy colorway. I used a little lacy pattern from Wendy (it's near the bottom of that entry) for the leg. It was toe-up (of course), short-row heel, I'm not sure if I was still doing short row toes at that point or if I'd switched to the Knitty magic cast-on by then. I know this was my first attempt at a picot bind off and I did the *yo, k2tog* then knit a couple rows for the hem and then sew the whole thing down method. I did not like it! It was a pain and I don't particularly like the way it turned out. I've done picot's the other way now and that seems to work a lot better for me.

Hey! It's a Washcloth!


This was the August Mid Month pattern from the Yahoo Monthly Dishcloths group. Based on when I took the picture I think I finished this sometime around the end of September/beginning of October.

I used Sugar n'Cream and size 7 needles. The colors I used were Light Blue (00026) for the solid and Pretty Pastels (00199) for the variegated.

I like this pattern quite a bit. I like the little blips of color in the middle of the main color. They kind of look like little flower buds to me.

More FO's of the Washrag Vareity


This is what happens when I procrastinate.

This one was the beginning of the month pattern for September in the Monthly Dishcloths Yahoo group. I finished it after the August Mid-Month one so I'm thinking beginning of October-ish for this one.

Size 7 needles again (those work the best for me with dishcloth cotton yarn), this time the yarn is Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, they seem to just call it Lion Cotton now but that's what the ball band said. It comes in great big balls and I love that!

Blue Leaves


I think this is the last washcloth for a while. This one is the Mid-September pattern from the aforementioned Monthly Dishcloths Yahoo group. It seems I finished this one around the beginning of October as well. I bought the yarn on October 14th and took the picture on the 16th so apparently it was a pretty quick knit!

I used the cotton cone yarn that I bought at Webs in October, doubled because it's pretty thin yarn. The end result is a lot thinner than the washcloths with the regular kitchen cotton kind of yarn. I think if I vary the way I hold the two strands together I could get it to either stripe or be kind of uniformly multi-colored. If I single-strand it it'd probably work for something for my mom. She likes her washcloths thin!

The pattern seems like it would transfer easily to a scarf or a shawl.


Kool Aid Socks


This is the result of my first Kool Aid dying. (the shot was taken on the way back home from a day wandering around Boston) The base yarn is KP Bare. Keva came over and we mostly just played and squirted colors all over, it was great fun! The thing I find really interesting is that both socks are from the same skein, but one of them has a distinct pinkish cast to it while the other one stayed more white. I'm not sure what caused that but it intrigues me!

And once again we are in the time before I learned to write everything down. (end of October finish date for these guys) I'm sure I used size 0 needles, I almost always do. It was probably something around 64 or 68 stitches around. There's a tad over an inch of 2x2 rib at the top and I used the EZ sewn bind-off.

I've worn them a number of times since I finished them and they're super comfy. I have more Bare laying around and I really need to do some more dying. It's fun!



Presenting Knucks from Knitty. I used Rowan Wool Cotton in color 955 Ship Shape, which is a slightly blueish green. It's really soft and yummy to work with.

Size 4 needles as per the pattern, of course I used a circular and did it Magic Loop style instead of on dpn's but that's not really a pattern modification. For the fingers I did 7 rows on each of them. If I do this pattern again I'd do a couple fewer rows on the pinky finger, but the rest of them were fine.

On the cuff I did 2 rows of 1x1 rib, then shifted the rib over one and did 3 rows, shifted again and went 4 rows, and one more time for 5 rows.

See that little strand at the bottom of the picture? That's how much was left when I bound off the second glove. Next time I'm dividing my ball in half! That was waaaaay more stress as I was finishing than I'd like!

These now live in the control room at work. The temperature in there is erratic at best and it can get quite cold. I tend to be fine with it but I'm a cold loving weirdo. Hats and jackets aren't unusual in there. I was watching people sitting on their hands to warm them up between segments so I decided to make these for everyone to share! They're incredibly soft and I'll probably make a pair for myself at some point.

They were also a very fast knit, just a couple days. It's always fun to have an FO so soon after starting! (that'd be a couple days at the end of October in case you were wondering)

Keva's Kool Aid Socks


These are the socks from the yarn that Keva dyed when we had our Kool Aid dying day. I finished them back in the middle of November.

Close up time!


The stats:
Needles: Size 0
Yarn: KP Bare
Pattern: Generic toe-up stockinette with a couple inches of 2x2 rib at the top
Sizing: 14sts/needle at the toe, increases to 34sts/needle for the foot, 7.75" 'till the heel, 8 wraps/side for the heel
SPI: 8.25

(note to self: 7.75" is a teensy bit too long, stay closer to 7.5")

January 30, 2007

MD Washcloth


The Mason Dixon Washcloth from the MDK book.

I followed the pattern from the book using size 8 needles and Sugar n'Cream in the Buttercream Ombre colorway. My first time doing bobbles, they weren't difficult, just kind of a pain. I knit most of this while watching the Survivor finale on the CBS website in my dad's office! It was while I was home in December for Christmas and Mom and Dad had company so I made myself scarce.

I made this as a present along with some handmade soap and I couldn't find an appropriate ribbon to sinch up the top. So I made about 20 inches of i-cord with the leftover yarn and voila! A tie! Worked quite well. I'm sure I'll do this again since it's fairly fast and it does make a great gift.


The colors are off in this shot, but it's the only one that shows the i-cord tie.


Dancing Socks


More socks! These are for me. I finished them during the family Christmas gathering on December 23rd. I don't remember when I started them, but I know I did a LOT of sock knitting on the plane home!

I hadn't ever worked with a yarn with elastic in it before, that was interesting. I like it quite a bit, but unfortunately this particular yarn has been discontinued and the only colorways left are ones that I don't care for. And honestly I'd like these a LOT if they didn't have the green and orange. They're still fun the way they are, but I'd like them better if it were just the pink, purple, yellow in there. I did a picot bind-off on these, but I didn't do any ribbing before I bound off. So the stockinette curls and it ends up looking like a rolled edge instead of a picot edge.

The stats:
Needle: size 0
Yarn: KP Dancing, Tap colorway
Pattern: generic toe-up, stockinette, picot bind-off
Sizing: 14sts/needle for the toe, increase to 30/needle, 6" 'till the heel, 7 wraps/side for the heel
SPI: 7

note to self: next time you use an elastic yarn, make the sock smaller than normal!

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