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Sock it to Me Puzzle Socks


More socks! What can I say? I like making socks! Elann had a sale a month or so ago for a bag of 10 balls of this yarn for 20 bucks. How can you resist that? So I found a bag that had a colorway I liked and a colorway that Keva liked. Since I was buying it regardless I figured I'd make sure someone else liked the colors so I wouldn't have 5 identical pairs of socks! So these are for Keva.

This wasn't one of my favorite yarns ever to knit. It's not uncomfortable to knit or anything like that, it's just very string-like. It is 75% wool, but it has very little give and just about zero sproing factor. But it was really cheap so I'm not complaining!

I wanted to do little bitty picots across the top, but when I did picots by casting on one and then binding off 3, it did give me subtle little picot bumps, but the edge was really un-stretchy. So I decided to try the other method of picots. So after the inch of rib at the top I did a row of *yo, k2tog*. Since I had issues with the sewing down portion last time I did this I knit a good inch of stockinette to fold down inside the sock. That worked a LOT better. Having that extra fabric to work with made it not flare out weirdly. So yay!

These were started January 23 and finished February 11.

Close up!


The stats:
Needles: Size 0
Yarn: Elann Sock it to Me Puzzle, color #717
Pattern: generic toe-up, inch of 2x2 rib, picot bind-off (yo, k2tog method, inch of selvage)
Sizing: 14sts/needle for toe, increase to 30/needle, 7.5" till the heel, 7 wraps per side on the heel
SPI: 7.5


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