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I went to put on this pair of socks today and there is a hole in them! They've been worn maybe 4 times tops. They're super comfy and were one of my favorite pairs, but the legs on both of them have pilled quite a bit and now there's apparently a strand that broke entirely. Now I'm afraid to knit up the other skein of this yarn that I have! (it's KP Memories)

The feet seem to be fine and aren't pilling so I'm wondering if maybe it's the pattern that made that happen? I do have a some of the yarn left so I'm kind of thinking of ripping out the legs and reknitting them as stockinette. But just the thought of ripping these out is freaking me out a little bit.



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Oh no! I just finished a pair of socks for my son and I think I might cry if he gets a whole in them. Hope you can fix them.

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