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OK, this is bizarre. In that picture there is very clearly a hole. There are loops on the right that ARE NOT attached to anything.

And yet somehow, when I unraveled the leg today... there was no break in the yarn. I am so confused. And of course the thing is unraveled now so there is zero chance of me figuring out what the heck happened.


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Dropped stitch perhaps? Are you going to do them again?


Could be I suppose. I'm not sure how I could have dropped them, then had the right number of stitches on the next row, and not noticed while I was knitting them or the past couple times I wore them. It'll just have to remain a mystery I guess!

I'm already reknit one of them back up a couple inches in stockinette. Just switched to 2x2 rib which I'll do until my leftover yarn runs out. And then the other sock!

How bizarre. But good too, since at least you have uninterrupted yarn to reknit. Is it possible to half-make a stitch, so you don't lose it but it can fall out later? Hope you're happy with them when you remake them.

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