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Aunty Patty Blue Sockotta


Finished socks! These are for my aunt (which you could probably gather from the post title) and they'll be in the mail shortly. They're my standard generic toe-up pattern in Plymouth Sockotta. I hadn't knit with this yarn before. It's 45% cotton, 40% superwash, 15% nylon. So obviously it isn't as sproingy as a lot of the wool yarns, but it's plenty soft and I love the way the colors blend together.

And now I shall go back to re-knitting legs on my poor holey socks! (one's done, started the second yesterday)

The Stats...
Needles: size 0
Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta color #08
Pattern: generic toe-up stockinette, short-row heel, with some 2x2 rib at the top
Sizing: 14/needle at the toe, increase to 32/needle, 8" until the heel, decreased to 30/needle for the leg
SPI: 7
Started: 3-17
Finished: 4-28


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Your socks look great! I really need to knit some toe-up socks. I am not too crazy about short-row heels, but your socks look so good.
Bunny hugs,

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