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Harry Potter Socks


They're finally finished! These were started last September maybe? I'm honestly not sure. The yarn was purchased to be birthday socks for a friend. Said friend's birthday is in August. Yeah. They're a little late. I finished the first one, and the foot of the second, and then completely stalled out. But with the last book coming out I figured I really should finish them.

They're my standard toe-up stockinette for the foot, and this was before my discovery of the Widdershins heel, so it's short row heels. The leg pattern is from the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns book.

The red one was finished ages ago and I didn't do any kind of cuff at the top so when I bound off it did this annoying curling thing. After I finished the yellow one I unpicked the bind-off and re-did it. I did a row with a bit of decreasing in it, and then two rows of a rib followed by a double crochet bind-off.

As for the yellow one... I had originally knit these on size 0 (2mm) Addi Turbos, but I really wasn't enjoying knitting on those. So when I was finishing the yellow leg I switched out my needles with what I thought were size 0 bamboos. But when I stuck them through my needle gauge, they were actually 2.25mm. I was already halfway through the leg though and didn't want to frog so oh well. In the final product it just makes the yellow one a little easier to put on than the red one. It's amazing to me that a quarter of a millimeter can have that much of an impact. (Yes, I know the math, it makes sense. But it still amazes me)

I didn't do any kind of decreasing before I started the rib at the top of the leg so the yellow one flares a bit at the top. It really doesn't when it's on a foot, just when it's sitting there.

And those are the finally finished Harry Potter socks!


The Stats...
Needles: mostly 0's (2mm) but 1's (2.25mm) on the yellow one's leg
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull in Red #4227 and Yellow #2015
Pattern: toe up stockinette, short row heel, ripple pattern on the legs, funky rib at the top, double crochet bind off
Sizing: 10/needle (I think) up to 30/needle (I think), 7 or 8 wraps per side for the heel, up to 39/needle for the leg, 3 rows of a rib, on yellow - (k2, p, *k, p* repeat between * 5 times), on red (k2, p, k2, p, k, p, k2, p)
SPI: 8 in the stockinette
Started: last September?
Finished: 7-15-2007


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love the socks love the socks love the socks!! :D


Well seeing as they're yours that's probably a good thing! :)

I love these!

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