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Basket Weave Dishcloth


The picture isn't the best, the stitches just don't show up that well. When I took it I had to shoot inside and use my flash and that washed out the texture a bit.

I was home for Christmas and didn't know what to get my grandpa. My mom said she'd been helping him clean or organize his kitchen or something and they found a hand-knit washcloth in one of the drawers and he said how much he liked those. So I made him a couple! It's so much fun to be able to give someone something that they like and will appreciate. I love it when that happens. And ya know, he's my grandpa! It's wonderful to be able to make him happy.

The Stats...
Needles: 8's
Yarn: Lily - Buttercream ombre
Pattern: Woven Dishcloth, the pattern calls for 8 and a half repeats, but I did 9 and a half to make it more square
Sizing: 10.5" x 10"
SPI: 4
Started: 12-16-2007
Finished: 12-17-2007


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