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July 7, 2008

KP Memories Socks


Hey look! It's socks! I've used this yarn before so even though I haven't worn these yet I'm sure I'll love them. The pair I made before have done that wonderful slightly felting thing so they fit just perfectly and they're really comfy. It would appear that the yarn has been discontinued though, which makes me sad.

I did my standard generic toe-up pattern, which I really should write up as it's own entry at some point so I can link it.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's
Yarn: KP Memories, Rocky Mountain Dusk
Pattern: standard generic toe-up, 10 rows of twisted 1x1 at the top
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle, 5 inches to gussett start
SPI: 8
Started: 1-22-2008
Finished: 7-7-2008

July 17, 2008

Regia Stretch Socks


Socks... normal generic pattern. I didn't increase to quite as many stitches as I normally do though because this yarn has some elastic to it. The last pair of socks I made with a stretchy yarn I did to my normal size and they feel loose on my feet. So these are slightly smaller than normal to compensate for the stretchy.

The colors are ridiculous, but I thoroughly enjoy having ridiculously colored socks.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Regia Stretch - colorway 82
Pattern: standard generic toe-up
Sizing: 14/needle to start, up to 28/needle, 5" to heel increases, Widdershins heel, 10 rows of 1x1 twisted rib, double crochet bind-off
SPI: 8
Started: 6-20-2008
Finished: 7-17-2008

July 7, 2008

Modified String Bag the Second


Third string bag!

This one is basically the same as my last modified string bag, just a different color. The body is slightly shorter as well, closer to 10" until the garter stitch rows instead of the 12" in the pattern.

The Stats...
Needles: 15's (10mm)
Yarn: Peaches & Cream - 130 Shaded Pastels
Pattern: String Bag
Started: 07-06-2008
Finished: 7-07-2008

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