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My Generic Sock Pattern

I figured I really should write this up somewhere so I can just link to it instead of writing down all the steps every single time. So here it is!

I like toe-up on circs so I do the magic cast-on except instead of a slip knot for the very first stitch I just kind of loop the yarn around the needle. The non-slip knot version can be found here. I've ended up thinking of my socks as "14 up to 30" or "16 up to 32" instead of thinking of the total number of stitches in a round. The number I cast-on and the number to which I increase does change depending on the yarn and the intended feet.

After I've increased as far as I want it's stockinette until it's time to start increasing for the heel. I use the heel from the Widdershins pattern (never actually knit those socks, just tried out the heel part and liked it). I have a much easier time preventing weird holes with that heel than I have with other heels I've tried. And I like the way a heel flap heel fits.

The increase rows start 3 inches before the length of the foot, so for me I start increasing once I've hit 5 inches (since my feet are 8 inches long). It's an increase of two stitches every other row for 20 rows. So once I can count 10 increases up one side it's time for the short rows.

I figured out the math of the short rows so I can work it over any number of stitches, like so:
1) k until 16 before end, m1k, k1, w&t
2) p until 16 before end, m1p, p1, w&t
3) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
4) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t
5) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
6) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t
7) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
8) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t

After that it's the same as the pattern on Knitty. One round knitting all those wrapped stitches back in, then decreasing back to the starting number.

Then it's stockinette on the leg for as long as I feel like it. I like the way twisted rib looks so I do 10 rows of 1x1 twisted rib at the top to keep things from curling on me.

And I finish the whole thing off with a double crochet bind-off.

So that's my generic sock pattern!


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Thanks for that I always fumble around and usually wind up having an off center heel the first try. I've sworn that this time around I will write down what works for me and turn it into an excel spread sheet. (I sort of make a lot of excel sheets at my current job)


Glad it could be useful to someone other than me!

I think I use excel for making charts more than anything it was actually intended for. It's a very useful knitting program!

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