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June 4, 2006

Sock Numero Uno!


I have finished my first sock! Go me! It isn't perfect, but I think it's a pretty decent sock.

Yarn Harlot's sock recipe from her book.

co 60 on #2s, 15 rows of 2x2 ribbing, 30 rows of stockinette, heel flap (about 25 rows), gussett and decreases according to her recipe, 26ish rows of stockinette, then a round toe following these instructions (I went through to the K4, K2tog... knit four rows plain step) and then grafted the toe.

Issues: holes along the heel flap where I picked up stiches, slightly loose around the ankle (even though the upper part and the foot part are fine) and funky bump where the toes were grafted.

Sock #2... I'm going to start with 56 stitches and see what happens...

June 13, 2006

It's my First Pair of Socks!


They're done! They aren't perfect, there's some issues to be worked out, but they're socks and I made them!

And now the important stuff: I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, It's super soft and was extremely easy to work with. The lady at the yarn store said I'd need two skeins for a pair, but my leftover skeins are both the same weight as the socks so I think I can get another pair out of it! (have I mentioned I have tiny feet? seriously, I shop in the boys section of the shoe store for sneakers)

I used the Yarn Harlot's sock recipe for both of them. The first one was 60 stitches on a #2 needle, that one was a touch too big so I did the second one as 56 stitches. I also made the first one using dpn's and the second one doing Magic Loop. Personally, Magic Loop makes knitting socks fun for me, dpn's just made it a pain. I did 15 rows of 2x2 ribbing and then 30 of stockinette and then the heel and all of that. I'm not sure how many rows I did before I started decreasing for the toe, but I went until it reached the middle of the ball of my foot and then I did a round toe and then grafted when it was long enough.

For the second one I tried to deal with the holes along the heel flap by knitting into the back of the stitches after I picked them up. That helped. There's still a weird hole right at the spot where the heel flap starts and I'm not sure what to do about that, but the holes all down the side of the flap are gone. So that's one issue. They also seem a little baggy right around the top of my foot near my ankle. Kind of the opposite side of the sock from the heel. I'm really not sure what I need to change to fix that. Do I decrease before I start the heel? Not sure.

But hey, they're socks and I made them! Yay!

For my next trick I'll be trying Wendy's sock recipe to see how I like the whole toe-up short rows thing. Stay tuned!

August 7, 2006

Socks the Second


I've been really bad about posting FO's lately! I finished these socks a good month ago (at least!) Oh well, here's the vital info anyway.

These are my second pair of socks and I decided to try the toe-up method that Wendy lays out in her book. I know it's on her website somewhere as well. I used Regia sock yarn on #1 needles, Magic Loop style. I love the Magic Loop! I started off with 60 sts around, did my first short row heel (which I like much better than the heel flap) and then 60 sts for the leg with a little bit of 2x2 rib around the top. On the second sock I decreased to 56 sts for the leg part, I found that more comfortable.

At this point I'd like to include my spi and such, but I am at work and the socks are at home. I shall measure when I get home tonight!

As for the yarn... I really like the coloring of this particular kind of Regia. Each of the plies is a different color and it gives the whole thing a very uniform and yet also varied look. I like it!

September 10, 2006

Keva Socks


These are the first socks I've made for someone else, and I'm incredibly lazy about my FO posting! They've been finished since the beginning of July!

Keva has been the knit object guinea pig of choice so they're for her. She picked out the yarn and after feet measuring I made socks! I didn't want to do anything complicated just yet, so these are straight stockinette, 60 sts around, toe-up, with a 2x2 rib on the cuffs for a couple inches. This was my first time using a self-striping yarn and I'm pretty happy with my matching. It made the leg part really easy. I just did the ribbing over the same part of the pattern, no measuring!

I used size 1 needles, and Clown yarn by Marks & Kattens. So this is also my first time using a cotton blend. Keva said they fit fine when she first put them on, but they stretched a tad as she wore them. So, knowing that and how it knit up, if I use this yarn again (which I will, I have more in my sock yarn bin!) I'll do it on size 0 needles, and a little bit smaller.

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October 3, 2006

Socks for Mom!


While I was home on vacation at the end of June Mom and I went to the LYS and she picked out some sock yarn for me to make socks for her. They had Mountain Colors, which I hadn't seen but had heard wonderful things about it. One skein of the Winter Sky colorway later...

I started on size 0's, but the fabric was tighter than I like so I switched to 1's. My mom's feet are rather longer than mine so that was interesting! I kept thinking it was just entirely too much sock! I also tried to do a pattern on the legs for the frst time and had a really hard time getting the sizing right. I ended up frogging the leg on the first sock three times before finally going with stockinette with ribbing at the top. Mom also asked that the leg parts be longish, well longer than I like mine. So lots of kniting!

The yarn is incredibly yummy and they have such amazing colorways. Just a couple days ago I bought two skeins of it for a scarf that's been rattling around my head for a while. (which has now been started and I think will turn out well)

Sock close up!


I mailed them off to Mom and they are now traveling with her and my dad on their current work trip. I should ask her to take pictures of them there, that would be cool.

January 29, 2007

KP Memories Lacy Socks


I'm working my way through my FO's so here we have a pair of socks I finished around the beginning of October.

Of course I finished these before I started keeping track of exactly what I was doing so I don't remember how many stitches I used or anything like that. I might have used a size 0 needle or a size 1, I'm just not sure! (I have since learned my lesson and now write it all down)

The bits I do remember... the yarn is KP Memories in the Pansy colorway. I used a little lacy pattern from Wendy (it's near the bottom of that entry) for the leg. It was toe-up (of course), short-row heel, I'm not sure if I was still doing short row toes at that point or if I'd switched to the Knitty magic cast-on by then. I know this was my first attempt at a picot bind off and I did the *yo, k2tog* then knit a couple rows for the hem and then sew the whole thing down method. I did not like it! It was a pain and I don't particularly like the way it turned out. I've done picot's the other way now and that seems to work a lot better for me.

Kool Aid Socks


This is the result of my first Kool Aid dying. (the shot was taken on the way back home from a day wandering around Boston) The base yarn is KP Bare. Keva came over and we mostly just played and squirted colors all over, it was great fun! The thing I find really interesting is that both socks are from the same skein, but one of them has a distinct pinkish cast to it while the other one stayed more white. I'm not sure what caused that but it intrigues me!

And once again we are in the time before I learned to write everything down. (end of October finish date for these guys) I'm sure I used size 0 needles, I almost always do. It was probably something around 64 or 68 stitches around. There's a tad over an inch of 2x2 rib at the top and I used the EZ sewn bind-off.

I've worn them a number of times since I finished them and they're super comfy. I have more Bare laying around and I really need to do some more dying. It's fun!

Keva's Kool Aid Socks


These are the socks from the yarn that Keva dyed when we had our Kool Aid dying day. I finished them back in the middle of November.

Close up time!


The stats:
Needles: Size 0
Yarn: KP Bare
Pattern: Generic toe-up stockinette with a couple inches of 2x2 rib at the top
Sizing: 14sts/needle at the toe, increases to 34sts/needle for the foot, 7.75" 'till the heel, 8 wraps/side for the heel
SPI: 8.25

(note to self: 7.75" is a teensy bit too long, stay closer to 7.5")

January 30, 2007

Dancing Socks


More socks! These are for me. I finished them during the family Christmas gathering on December 23rd. I don't remember when I started them, but I know I did a LOT of sock knitting on the plane home!

I hadn't ever worked with a yarn with elastic in it before, that was interesting. I like it quite a bit, but unfortunately this particular yarn has been discontinued and the only colorways left are ones that I don't care for. And honestly I'd like these a LOT if they didn't have the green and orange. They're still fun the way they are, but I'd like them better if it were just the pink, purple, yellow in there. I did a picot bind-off on these, but I didn't do any ribbing before I bound off. So the stockinette curls and it ends up looking like a rolled edge instead of a picot edge.

The stats:
Needle: size 0
Yarn: KP Dancing, Tap colorway
Pattern: generic toe-up, stockinette, picot bind-off
Sizing: 14sts/needle for the toe, increase to 30/needle, 6" 'till the heel, 7 wraps/side for the heel
SPI: 7

note to self: next time you use an elastic yarn, make the sock smaller than normal!

February 3, 2007

Aunty Patty's Gedifra Socks


These are the socks I made for my aunt. I thought the colors matched well with the yarn she sent me. For some reason, even though the two balls I used were from the same dye-lot they seem to have different color repeats, which I find interesting and a tad confusing! It was a little bit scratchy to knit, but the socks don't feel scratchy to me and I'd be willing to bed that they'll soften after they're washed.

They took about 2 weeks to finish, ending on January 23rd and I really need to mail them so my aunt can enjoy them! They are for her after all.

The stats:
Needles: size 0
Yarn: Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportivo, colorway #5712
Pattern: generic toe up, 3x1 rib at the top, sewn bind-off
Sizing: 12sts/needle for toe, increase to 32/needle, 8" until heel, 8 wraps/side for the heel
SPI: 8

Packers Socks


Miss Lime mentioned this yarn a couple podcasts ago. As she said, even though it's called the "Oregon Ducks" colorway, it's just about the perfect Packers colors. My best friend happens to love the Packers. How could I resist this yarn then? It's DK weight yarn which I don't think I've ever used for socks. I used Lorna's for my first pair and have pretty much stuck with the skinny sock yarns ever since. The knitting sure went a lot faster with the thicker yarn! They took maybe 4 days to finish and that's really fast for me. (Finished around January 28th)

This stuff is wonderfully soft! My only complaint is that some of the green came off on my needles (and my fingers!) Not a ton, just enough to make it annoying. But oh well, the end result is really soft and yummy and pretty so I'm ok with a little green here and there!


The stats:
Needles: Size 1
Yarn: Fancy Image Yarn, Oregon Ducks colorway
Pattern: generic toe-up, about an inch of 2x2 rib at the top, picot bind-off
Sizing: 10sts/needle for the toe, increase to 26sts/needle, 7.5" until the heel, 6 wraps/side

February 13, 2007

Sock it to Me Puzzle Socks


More socks! What can I say? I like making socks! Elann had a sale a month or so ago for a bag of 10 balls of this yarn for 20 bucks. How can you resist that? So I found a bag that had a colorway I liked and a colorway that Keva liked. Since I was buying it regardless I figured I'd make sure someone else liked the colors so I wouldn't have 5 identical pairs of socks! So these are for Keva.

This wasn't one of my favorite yarns ever to knit. It's not uncomfortable to knit or anything like that, it's just very string-like. It is 75% wool, but it has very little give and just about zero sproing factor. But it was really cheap so I'm not complaining!

I wanted to do little bitty picots across the top, but when I did picots by casting on one and then binding off 3, it did give me subtle little picot bumps, but the edge was really un-stretchy. So I decided to try the other method of picots. So after the inch of rib at the top I did a row of *yo, k2tog*. Since I had issues with the sewing down portion last time I did this I knit a good inch of stockinette to fold down inside the sock. That worked a LOT better. Having that extra fabric to work with made it not flare out weirdly. So yay!

These were started January 23 and finished February 11.

Close up!


The stats:
Needles: Size 0
Yarn: Elann Sock it to Me Puzzle, color #717
Pattern: generic toe-up, inch of 2x2 rib, picot bind-off (yo, k2tog method, inch of selvage)
Sizing: 14sts/needle for toe, increase to 30/needle, 7.5" till the heel, 7 wraps per side on the heel
SPI: 7.5

March 18, 2007

Monkey Socks!


Yay! I finally finished another pair of socks! Patterned socks seem to take me forever. I can blaze through generic ones in no time, but make me follow a pattern and I knit like a snail. This wasn't even a difficult pattern! Quite straightforward and enjoyable, it just makes me pokey for some reason.

Anyway! These are Monkey from Knitty. The pattern is written top down, so of course I had to screw with it and make it toe-up. The first thing I tried was just flipping the little chart upside down. That didn't work. I'm sure there's a way to make something that looks the same as the top-down version, but I didn't really want to work at it that hard. So the pattern on my socks is upside down.

I usually use a short-row heel, but in this case I thought the Widdershins heel (also from knitty) would work better. Short-row heels are my favorite, but at the moment the Widdershins heel is running a very close second. I've never had an issue with having to pick up extra stitches or weird holes, it's a very nice heel! And I think I finally have the math of it down so it should be pretty easy to use it whenever I want from now on.

So, starting at the toe... the pattern is 16 stitches wide, so two repeats across the top of the foot and then stockinette on the bottom. I did 3 full pattern repeats going up the foot, plus 6 rows, then started the gusset for the heel. At that point it's just a matter of keeping track of both which row of the heel you're on and which row of the pattern. The pattern page I printed out has little hash marks all over it! But it worked! Once the heel was finished I brought the pattern all the way around the leg. If I were to do this again I would send the pattern down the heel flap. I wasn't sure of my math and didn't want to have to frog back so I did a plain stockinette heel. But I'm pretty confident at this point that I have a handle on how the heel works so I should be able to do that in any future socks!

The pattern called for 6 repeats up the leg and I did that followed by 10 rows of 1x1 twisted rib and an EZ sewn bind-off. At any rate, the leg goes up higher than I usually have my socks go and the top repeat or so are a tad tight, not enough that it's going to bug me wearing them, but enough that it kind of distorts the pattern. I'm thinking either going up a needle size for that last repeat or else adding a couple stitches would fix that.

I used Lorna's Laces and loved it. It's so soft and sproingy. I had used Lorna's before (for my very first pair of socks) but I think because I had zero sock knitting experience at that point I didn't really appreciate the yarn. Now I know that I love it. And her colors are so beautiful!

And finally... heel close up!


The Stats...
Needles: Size 0
Yarn: Lorna's Laces in Purple Club
Pattern: Monkey from Knitty, toe-up, Widdershins heel.
Sizing: 14/needle for the toe, up to 32/needle, 5" until heel (Widdershins)
SPI: 8 (in stockinette)
Started: 2-12-2007
Finished: 3-17-2007

April 27, 2007



I went to put on this pair of socks today and there is a hole in them! They've been worn maybe 4 times tops. They're super comfy and were one of my favorite pairs, but the legs on both of them have pilled quite a bit and now there's apparently a strand that broke entirely. Now I'm afraid to knit up the other skein of this yarn that I have! (it's KP Memories)

The feet seem to be fine and aren't pilling so I'm wondering if maybe it's the pattern that made that happen? I do have a some of the yarn left so I'm kind of thinking of ripping out the legs and reknitting them as stockinette. But just the thought of ripping these out is freaking me out a little bit.


April 28, 2007



OK, this is bizarre. In that picture there is very clearly a hole. There are loops on the right that ARE NOT attached to anything.

And yet somehow, when I unraveled the leg today... there was no break in the yarn. I am so confused. And of course the thing is unraveled now so there is zero chance of me figuring out what the heck happened.

May 1, 2007

Aunty Patty Blue Sockotta


Finished socks! These are for my aunt (which you could probably gather from the post title) and they'll be in the mail shortly. They're my standard generic toe-up pattern in Plymouth Sockotta. I hadn't knit with this yarn before. It's 45% cotton, 40% superwash, 15% nylon. So obviously it isn't as sproingy as a lot of the wool yarns, but it's plenty soft and I love the way the colors blend together.

And now I shall go back to re-knitting legs on my poor holey socks! (one's done, started the second yesterday)

The Stats...
Needles: size 0
Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta color #08
Pattern: generic toe-up stockinette, short-row heel, with some 2x2 rib at the top
Sizing: 14/needle at the toe, increase to 32/needle, 8" until the heel, decreased to 30/needle for the leg
SPI: 7
Started: 3-17
Finished: 4-28

June 11, 2007

Jitterbug socks


These went fast! They're in Colinette Jitterbug which is slightly thicker than the sock yarn I usually use. It's very soft, and something I find interesting is that the inside of the socks (the reverse stockinette side) is softer than the outside of the socks. Usually I find that that's the other way around.

The first sock of the pair is the one that went with me to see the Harlot in Northampton. Had to have special sock yarn for that!

They're basically my standard generic toe-up sock formula. I've been experimenting with the Widdershins heel for my toe-ups and with this pair I'm finally sure I have the math of it down no matter what my starting number of stitches. So I think I'm going to start using it as my default heel instead of the short-row heel.

The other thing I did was use a double-crochet bind off instead of the EZ sewn bind off. It's nice and stretchy like the sewn bind off, but I don't have to worry about running out of yarn partway through! I used the Knitty tutorial for the how to's.


The Stats...
Needles: 1 (2.5mm)
Yarn: Colinette JItterbug in Florentine
Pattern: generic toe-up, Widdershins heel, 2x2 rib at top, double crochet bind-off
Sizing: 14/needle up to 26/needle (started with 12/needle on the second sock), 5" until heel gusset start
SPI: 6.5
Started: 5-29-2007
Finished: 6-9-2007

June 19, 2007

Blue Swizzlers


It's more socks! These were started because I was training someone at work and once we arrived at the "baby-sitting" portion of training I could knit while keeping an eye on him. But it needed to be something simple that I could put down at a moment's notice if I needed to jump in. So, plain vanilla toe-up stockinette it was! I love knitting stockinette socks anyway so it's not like this was much of a sacrifice!

This was my first time with this yarn. It's a teensy bit on the scratchy side, but I'm sure it will soften up once it's washed. That's what usually happens anyway. And I managed to get the stripes to match up with each other exactly. The toes match, heels match, ribbing matches. Which is just kind of fun. Not something that I have to have (fraternal socks are perfectly fine with me too!) but it makes me grin when it works out that well.

The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Reynolds Swizzle - color 4001
Pattern: generic toe up, 5" until the heel gusset start, Widdershins heel, 2x2 rib at the top, sewn bind-off
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle
SPI: 7.5
Started: 5-23-2007
Finished: 6-15-2007

edited to add: The socks have now been through the washer and dryer and they did indeed soften up. They're now wonderfully soft and not even the tinniest bit scratchy. Yay!

June 26, 2007

Mom's Monkeys


It's another pair of Monkeys! These are for my mom though. My last pair were for me. I did these basically the same way. I used Lorna's again, but in a different colorway. Red this time since my mom loves red. I also added one pattern repeat to the leg because she likes her socks tall.

I also started the pattern while I was still on the heel flap. I've done the Widdershins heel enough times at this point that I felt confident doing that and it worked! There's one pattern repeat on the heel flap before the leg starts.

I think I must have knitted slightly looser than before since I got 7.5 SPI this time vs. 8 SPI last time. Same yarn, same needles, so it must be me!


The Stats...
Needles: 0 (2mm)
Yarn: Lorna's Laces - Red Rover colorway
Pattern: Monkeys, toe-up, Widdershins heel, added one pattern repeat to the leg
Sizing: 14/needle up to 32/needle, 7" until heel start
SPI: 7.5 in the stockinette
Started: 5-3-2007
Finished: 6-25-2007

June 27, 2007

Hand Painted Sunset Socks


I'm calling these my Sunset Socks even though I realize they don't look particularly sunset-y. The reason is the yarn. I hand-painted it with Kool Aid and my inspiration was the colors in a sunset. The end result in sock form isn't particularly sunset-esque though. I am planning to try again but with longer color stretches and hopefully Sunset v. 2.0 will work out a bit better! You can see a bit of the color progression the way I was envisioning it in the bind-off on the bottom picture.

At any rate. It's KP Bare superwash which is lovely stuff. This is the third pair I've knit with it and I really like it. Very soft stuff!

This is what seems to be becoming my standard toe-up recipe. Magic Cast-on, Widdershins heel, 2x2 rib for a bit at the top, double crochet bind-off. It works for me!


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: KP Bare, hand painted by me
Pattern: generic toe-up, Widdershins heel, 2x2 rib at top, double crochet bind-off
Sizing: 14/needle up to 32/needle, 3" until heel start
SPI: 8
Started: 6-15-2007
Finished: 6-27-2007

July 2, 2007

Mom's First Sock!

Check it out! My mom made a sock!

I was home on vacation for the past week and she asked me to teach her how to make socks. So we made a couple tiny socks so we could do all the parts in the amount of time I had at home.

It's some leftover KP Bare of mine on size 1 (2.25mm) needles. We did a Magic Cast On starting with 6sts/needle, increased to 16st/needle. A couple inches and then a Widdershins heel. I modified the math for the heel to fit, then a bit of leg and some 2x2 rib until an EZ sewn bind-off.

I'm so proud :)

In case anyone is interested... the normal Widdershins heel turn is a total of eight rows that I do like this:
1) k until 16 before end, m1k, k1, w&t
2) p until 16 before end, m1p, p1, w&t
3) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
4) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t
5) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
6) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t
7) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
8) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t
And then do the decrease rows as set up in the pattern. This just lets me do the heel turn part for different numbers of starting stitches without having to figure out the math every single time.

So for the baby sock we did five increase rounds for the gussett and then four rows like this for the heel turn:
1) k until 8 before end, m1k, k1, w&t
2) p until 8 before end, m1p, p1, w&t
3) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
4) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t
And then the decrease rows.

July 16, 2007

Harry Potter Socks


They're finally finished! These were started last September maybe? I'm honestly not sure. The yarn was purchased to be birthday socks for a friend. Said friend's birthday is in August. Yeah. They're a little late. I finished the first one, and the foot of the second, and then completely stalled out. But with the last book coming out I figured I really should finish them.

They're my standard toe-up stockinette for the foot, and this was before my discovery of the Widdershins heel, so it's short row heels. The leg pattern is from the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns book.

The red one was finished ages ago and I didn't do any kind of cuff at the top so when I bound off it did this annoying curling thing. After I finished the yellow one I unpicked the bind-off and re-did it. I did a row with a bit of decreasing in it, and then two rows of a rib followed by a double crochet bind-off.

As for the yellow one... I had originally knit these on size 0 (2mm) Addi Turbos, but I really wasn't enjoying knitting on those. So when I was finishing the yellow leg I switched out my needles with what I thought were size 0 bamboos. But when I stuck them through my needle gauge, they were actually 2.25mm. I was already halfway through the leg though and didn't want to frog so oh well. In the final product it just makes the yellow one a little easier to put on than the red one. It's amazing to me that a quarter of a millimeter can have that much of an impact. (Yes, I know the math, it makes sense. But it still amazes me)

I didn't do any kind of decreasing before I started the rib at the top of the leg so the yellow one flares a bit at the top. It really doesn't when it's on a foot, just when it's sitting there.

And those are the finally finished Harry Potter socks!


The Stats...
Needles: mostly 0's (2mm) but 1's (2.25mm) on the yellow one's leg
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull in Red #4227 and Yellow #2015
Pattern: toe up stockinette, short row heel, ripple pattern on the legs, funky rib at the top, double crochet bind off
Sizing: 10/needle (I think) up to 30/needle (I think), 7 or 8 wraps per side for the heel, up to 39/needle for the leg, 3 rows of a rib, on yellow - (k2, p, *k, p* repeat between * 5 times), on red (k2, p, k2, p, k, p, k2, p)
SPI: 8 in the stockinette
Started: last September?
Finished: 7-15-2007

August 13, 2007

Anastasia Socks for Mom


I started these while I was home on vacation at the end of June. They'll be going in the mail shortly as they're for my mom! The pattern is toe-up so I didn't have to mess with that part of it. It's written with a short-row heel, but I swapped that out for a Widdershins heel. And I didn't do the cuff ribbing as written either. I did (k1, p1, k1, p2, k2, p1, k2, p1, k2, p2) 4 times. I don't remember why I changed that. Maybe I didn't have the pattern handy when it came time for the cuff? Not sure.

Once I did a couple rows in the pattern it was really easy to remember what I was supposed to do when. I'd like to try it again but with a bunch more of the spirally things instead of just 4 of them.

The yarn is the same kind I used for the Aunty Patty socks but a different colorway. I really like the way the colors work in this yarn, however it's a bit splitty which can be annoying if I'm not paying attention.


The Stats...
Needles: 0 (2mm)
Yarn: Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportivo - colorway #5762
Pattern: Anastasia, done toe-up with a Widdershins heel
Sizing: 12st/needle up to 30/needle, 7" until heel gusset start
SPI: 8
Started: 6-27-2007
Finished: 8-10-2007

Purple/Blue/Yellow Handpaint


I dyed the yarn for these when I was home on vacation in June. I brought home two skeins of KP Bare and Mom did one and I did one. It was great fun. I redid the skein so I could have nice long stretches of color, nothing measured, just longer than normal! I have dyed this yarn before, but I hadn't knit any of it up yet. It takes the dye beautifully.

It's a tad scratchier than the merino KP Bare, but it isn't merino so that's to be expected! They feel good on my feet though and I've definitely knitted with scratchier! They're my standard toe-up formula, I did 1x1 twisted rib on the cuff instead of my normal 2x2 though. The Monkey socks use the twisted rib and I like the way it looks so I figured I'd use that.

And now I don't have any socks OTN so I need to go cast something on!


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: KP Bare Peruvian, dyed by me
Pattern: generic toe-up, Widdershins heel, 10 rows of 1x1 twisted rib at the cuff, double-crochet bind off
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle, 5" until heel gusset start
SPI: 8
Started: 7-15-2007
Finished: 8-12-2007

Spiraling Cables Socks


These have been finished for a good week, I've just been pokey about posting them! I felt the urge to do a little cabling, but I didn't want to purl. So I went with some little two stitch wide cables that are against stockinette. A little futzing in Excel and I had a chart, but once I did a couple repeats I really didn't need it.


The chart got flipped for the second sock so the spirals go in different directions. I used a Widdershins heel, as it's my current default heel. I debated with adding more cables once I hit the leg, but I thought they were kind of fun as is, so the four cables that were on top of the foot are the only ones that travel around the leg. The little 1 stitch crosses on rows 13 & 15 aren't there on the leg, those are just for on top of the foot.

The leg is quite a bit longer than I usually do them 'cuz I wanted the cables to spiral around more. And there's a bit of 2x2 rib for the cuff. And in lieu of increasing stitches, I went up a needle size for the last few inches for a little calf shaping. Double-crochet bind off and voila! Socks!


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm), switched to 1's (2.5mm) near the top of the leg
Yarn: Artyarns Ultramerino 4 - colorway 114
Pattern: my own
Sizing: 14/needle up to 32/needle, 5" until heel gusset start
SPI: 7.5
Started: 8-13-2007
Finished: 9-10-2007

October 5, 2007

Claudia Hand-Paint Socks


These'd be socks. They're my standard generic. It's a new yarn for me, it's nice and sqooshy, and has that whole blue/purple thing going for it.

The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Claudia Hand-Painted Fingering - Ocean Depth
Pattern: my standard generic toe-up, 2x2 rib at the top
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle, just shy of 5" to gusset start
SPI: 7.25
Started: 9-10-2007
Finished: 10-5-2007

November 21, 2007

Sunset Socks Take 2


This is my second attempt at making the sunset socks I see in my head. It's getting closer! The yellow is a bit on the thick side, but we're headed in the right direction.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn:KP Bare Peruvian dyed by me
Pattern: standard generic, 8 rows of 1x1 twisted rib at the top
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle, just shy of 5" to gusset start
SPI: 8
Started: 10-8-07
Finished: 11-21-07

December 12, 2007

Sunset Striping v 3.0


Third attempt at the sunset socks. Continuing to get closer. This time the yellow part is nice and short, the orange and red are good. I think I'd like a bit more purple and blue and a little less white. The idea is that the white is clouds, but I think there's a few too many of them.

The yarn is the KP Bare superwash which I've used before and is incredibly soft and yummy.

I tried decreasing by 4 stitches once I got to the leg. Which seems to have worked well. The leg part seems to fit better if it's slightly smaller than the foot part. I have ridiculously wide feet so this does make sense, and I've also lost a pretty big chunk of weight over the past year so I'm sure that's affecting how the leg part fits as well.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's
Yarn: KP Bare superwash dyed by me
Pattern: my standard generic, 4.75" to gusset start (this is a tad too short, I was experimenting), 1x1 twisted rib at the top
Sizing: 14/needle up to 32/needle, decreased to 30/needle for the leg
SPI: 8
Started: 11-22-07
Finished: 12-12-07

December 22, 2007

Black and Blue Puzzles


The yarn for these is from the same bag as these socks just one of the other colors. They're my standard generic pattern. I'd like to run them through the washing machine once since that usually makes the slightly more string-like superwash bloom and soften up. I usually hand-wash all my socks so I don't have to keep track of which can go in the machine, but I think these should go through a machine at least once.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Elann Sock it to Me Puzzle - color #720
Pattern: standard generic toe-up, 10 rows of 1x1 twisted rib, double crochet bind off
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle, 5" to gussett start, decreased to 28/needle for leg
SPI: 8
Started: 12-13-07
Finished: 12-22-07

January 13, 2008

Anastasia of My Own


I've made this pattern before for my mom, but these are for me. Like I said before I like this pattern, it's easy to memorize after just a couple rounds.

This is my first time using Koigu, I like it! Which probably isn't a big surprise, does anyone not like Koigu?


The Stats...
Needles: 0 (2mm)
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM - P100 400
Pattern: Anastasia, swapped out the heel with a Widdershins, decreased a total of 4 stitches for the leg, 8 rows 1x1 twisted rib, double crochet bind off
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle, decreased to 28/needle for the leg
SPI: 7.5
Started: 12-23-2007
Finished: 1-13-2008

July 7, 2008

KP Memories Socks


Hey look! It's socks! I've used this yarn before so even though I haven't worn these yet I'm sure I'll love them. The pair I made before have done that wonderful slightly felting thing so they fit just perfectly and they're really comfy. It would appear that the yarn has been discontinued though, which makes me sad.

I did my standard generic toe-up pattern, which I really should write up as it's own entry at some point so I can link it.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's
Yarn: KP Memories, Rocky Mountain Dusk
Pattern: standard generic toe-up, 10 rows of twisted 1x1 at the top
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle, 5 inches to gussett start
SPI: 8
Started: 1-22-2008
Finished: 7-7-2008

July 17, 2008

Regia Stretch Socks


Socks... normal generic pattern. I didn't increase to quite as many stitches as I normally do though because this yarn has some elastic to it. The last pair of socks I made with a stretchy yarn I did to my normal size and they feel loose on my feet. So these are slightly smaller than normal to compensate for the stretchy.

The colors are ridiculous, but I thoroughly enjoy having ridiculously colored socks.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Regia Stretch - colorway 82
Pattern: standard generic toe-up
Sizing: 14/needle to start, up to 28/needle, 5" to heel increases, Widdershins heel, 10 rows of 1x1 twisted rib, double crochet bind-off
SPI: 8
Started: 6-20-2008
Finished: 7-17-2008

August 30, 2008

Blue Tofutsies Socks


Generic socks...

This yarn totally rocks. The ball looks so tiny and the yarn itself looks so thin, but once I got going it was great. It's really soft and comfy stuff, and there's a huge amount of yarn in one ball. A lot more than I expected given it's size. I think I used just barely more than half of it and I made this pair quite a bit taller than I usually do. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get a second pair out of it without too much difficulty.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Tofutsies - Color 91506-82
Pattern: my standard generic
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle
SPI: 7.5
Started: 7-21-2008
Finished: 8-30-2008

October 26, 2008

Orange Trekking Socks


Not much to say about these, they're my standard generic. It is the first time I've used Trekking. I like it quite a bit! The finished product is nice and soft, and the fabric is on the thinner side. Didn't weigh the remaining ball, but I think I used just slightly more than half of it.

The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Trekking XXL - colorway 124
Pattern: generic
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30/needle
Started: 9-16-2008
Finished: 10-26-2008

December 6, 2008

OnLine Socks


Socks. Yes, I'm very exciting.

I really like the yarn, it has a constant black ply throughout and then colors changing on the other ply. I really like the way that particular combination works. It makes the color changing just a bit more subtle, not that I don't love stripes, just that sometimes a person wants something not quite so bold.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: OnLine color #842
Pattern: my generic
Sizing: 14/needle up to 30
SPI: 7
Started: 10-27-2008
Finished: 12-06-2008

December 23, 2008

Elysia Socks


These were a Christmas present for my friend Elysia. They're just my regular old generic pattern, but a little bit longer than for me since everyone else has bigger feet than I do!


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Lorna's Laces - 34 Tahoe
Pattern: generic
Sizing: 14 up to 30, 6.5" to heel
SPI: 8
Started: 12-6-2008
Finished: 12-23-2008

December 24, 2008

Blurple Socks


I know I've said it before, but I love this yarn. It takes up dye so wonderfully and they are super comfortable to wear. I know this particular colorway was an early dying experiment, but I don't remember when I did it exactly. It's been sitting in the sock yarn bin for quite a while and I finally got around to knitting it up. I am certainly a sucker for the blues and purples!


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Peruvian Wool, dyed by me
Pattern: generic
Sizing: 14 up to 30, 5" to heel
SPI: 8
Started: 12-11-2008
Finished: 12-24-2008

December 15, 2008

My Generic Sock Pattern

I figured I really should write this up somewhere so I can just link to it instead of writing down all the steps every single time. So here it is!

I like toe-up on circs so I do the magic cast-on except instead of a slip knot for the very first stitch I just kind of loop the yarn around the needle. The non-slip knot version can be found here. I've ended up thinking of my socks as "14 up to 30" or "16 up to 32" instead of thinking of the total number of stitches in a round. The number I cast-on and the number to which I increase does change depending on the yarn and the intended feet.

After I've increased as far as I want it's stockinette until it's time to start increasing for the heel. I use the heel from the Widdershins pattern (never actually knit those socks, just tried out the heel part and liked it). I have a much easier time preventing weird holes with that heel than I have with other heels I've tried. And I like the way a heel flap heel fits.

The increase rows start 3 inches before the length of the foot, so for me I start increasing once I've hit 5 inches (since my feet are 8 inches long). It's an increase of two stitches every other row for 20 rows. So once I can count 10 increases up one side it's time for the short rows.

I figured out the math of the short rows so I can work it over any number of stitches, like so:
1) k until 16 before end, m1k, k1, w&t
2) p until 16 before end, m1p, p1, w&t
3) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
4) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t
5) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
6) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t
7) k until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1k, k1, w&t
8) p until 4 before the wrapped stitch, m1p, p1, w&t

After that it's the same as the pattern on Knitty. One round knitting all those wrapped stitches back in, then decreasing back to the starting number.

Then it's stockinette on the leg for as long as I feel like it. I like the way twisted rib looks so I do 10 rows of 1x1 twisted rib at the top to keep things from curling on me.

And I finish the whole thing off with a double crochet bind-off.

So that's my generic sock pattern!

January 19, 2009

Felici Socks


New KnitPicks yarn... I like it. It's very soft and makes a nice thin fabric.


The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: KnitPicks Felici - Martinique
Pattern: generic
Sizing: 14 up to 30
Started: 12-24-2008
Finished: 1-19-2009

December 20, 2010



These are my brother's Christmas present socks. They had a couple techniques I'd never tried before (stranded colorwork & mosaic patterns) and I'm very happy with how they turned out. And it's always nice to try out a new technique and be successful at it!

The pattern is Maze from Sensational Knitted Socks, but I modified it to be toe up. I did m1 increases on the gusset instead of the kfb increases that I usually use. That way I could start each new stripe with the correct color a bit more easily.


I did unfortunately have a couple false starts. I had originally intended to use orange for the color, but once I was halfway up the foot I realized it was looking like Halloween. Which really wasn't what I wanted. The next attempt used the green and the orange, but that was too busy. When I finally tried the black and green combo it all worked much better!


My one snag was when my brother tried them on. They were too long. I ended up unpicking the cast on at the toes, ripping out about half an inch, and then kitchenering the toes back together. It worked, but they aren't the best looking toes ever.

I also didn't anticipate quite how much the pattern would affect the horizontal stretch of the socks. They're a bit tighter than I intended and don't slip on quite as easily as I'd like. Once they're on they're fine though.


I am blessed with family and friends that appreciate knit gifts. The couple weeks before Christmas my brother was pestering me to know when it would be his turn to get socks, and then was very happy when he opened the box on Christmas!

The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: KP Stroll (Canopy Tonal & black)
Pattern: Maze from Sensational Socks (modded to toe up - m1's on gusset)
Sizing: 17 to 35, 7.5" to gusset start (should have done 7")
SPI: forgot to get this
Started: 12-13-10
Finished: 12-20-10

December 24, 2010

Dad's Christmas Socks


These are my dad's Christmas present socks. He is incredibly difficult to shop for so I ended up swiping some sock yarn from my mom's stash (with permission, and it has since been replaced) and making him socks. He liked the other pair I made him quite a bit so I figured it'd be a safe present.


They're my basic generic sock pattern with a cable whacked on the front. I'll have to check my stitch dictionaries later to figure out exactly where the cable came from, but my notes say it was called "rhombus". (from Harmony Cables & Arans) Because I don't like purling I did it over a stockinette background instead of purling. I've done that before and I really like the way it looks. It ends up having a more subtle look than is normal for a cable.

The Stats...
Needles: 0's (2mm)
Yarn: Stroll - Basalt Heather (from Mom's stash)
Pattern: my generic with Rhombus cable up front
Sizing: 14 to 32, 6.5" to gusset start
SPI: forgot to check (probably 8)
Started: 12-21-10
Finished: 12-24-10

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