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March 9, 2006

Runny Babbit

So here we go with my first knitting project on the Craft Blog!

When I went to get my first nice yarn at a "real" yarn store, the lady there suggested keeping track of what I make so that in the future if I want to repeat something or use a similar yarn or something I have it all written down. And since I'm a geek that is now yet another blog! But this way it's also easy to search and can easily include pictures and links and all kinds of geeky goodness!

Without any further ado... off we go!


This is from a pattern found here which I followed just about exactly since it was my first try.

I used some blue Red Heart Supersaver yarn that was in the craft closet. I used #7 needles, cast on 30 sts for the body, started with 6 sts for the ears (which were too big, should have done 5 sts). Body in stockinette, ears in garter, and a little coil of white i-cord for the tail. The body ended up 5 1/2 inches long (not including the tail) and it's about 3 inches across. The weave is nice and tight.

I'm supposed to write about the yarn too. It's nice that the stuff is non-dye lot, and it's inexpensive. But it felt kinda scratchy while I was working with it. The finished product doesn't feel scratchy though. Not really soft either, but definately not scratchy. If I'm using craft store yarn I'd rather use the Caron Super Soft stuff.

OK, so there's the first entry to the Craft Blog!

March 10, 2006

More Hopping


Bunny try number 2! OK technically it's the third one, but the second one was a disaster and I need to rip it apart 'cuz it looks bizarre.

So this time I used the #7 needles again, cast on 30 sts, stockinette for the body, 5 sts, garter for the ears. And another i-cord tail. It's about 4 1/2 inches long not including the tail, and 2 1/2 inches wide. The weave is a little looser than I'd like. I think I'll try #6 needles and see if that works better.

The yarn is purple Jo Sharp Kid Mohair. The yarn was a little itchy to work with, but the end result is all fuzzy and soft so a little itchy in the creation is ok with me!

Update: I made another one with this yarn on #6 needles. I followed the exact same pattern, just changed the needles. I did indeed like the finished product better. It's slightly smaller, but it's tighter.

Another Bun


There's a reason for all the bunnies, promise. They're for Sweet Binks to sell.

#7 needles again, cast on 25 sts for the body, 4 sts for the ears, i-cord tail. This guy ended up quite tiny, just 3 1/2 inches by 2 inches. I like how tight the weave is, so this yarn stays on the #7 needles.

And speaking of the yarn, it's light brown Caron Simply Soft. Very soft and smooth to work with. It's what I used for my crazy Dr. Who scarf and I like working with it. Hmmm, s'pose I need to make a post for that thing too!

April 30, 2006

Fuzzy Blue Bun


I still have a bunch of the blue yarn I used for the Keva Pillow so I decided to make a bun!

As mentioned before, this is TLC Amore yarn, blue (obviously). I used #7 needles, co25. The bun is about 4.5" by 3.5". I really like the end result. He's really fuzzy and the yarn kinda hides the stitches so it's just fluffy. I had similar issues as with the pillow with the needles hanging on the loops of the yarn every now and then. Nothing horrid, just irritating every now and then.

(I've knitted up a second square, just haven't stitched up the bun yet. I'll let you know how that turns out! 2nd bun - #6, co30)

Purple Bunny


For some reason the color turned out a tad brighter in the picture than the reality! It's a very pretty deep purple, but it's not quite as bright as the picture looks. I think the sunlight made the bunny very happy!

So we have some Caron Simply Soft (violet) on #7 needles, co30, co5 for the ears. End dimensions: 4.5" by 3.5".

I'm not going to say much more about this one. I've already expressed my enjoyment of this yarn and it's another bunny. We've all seen Suni's Buns by now!

Bright Bunny!


Hey look! It's another bunny! This one is alson on Caron Simply Soft (lemonade), but on #6 needles this time. co30, co5 for ears. End dimensions: 4.25" by 3.25". So just a quarter inch smaller than on the #7 needles. Sooner or later I will figure out how to get consistent ears!

Nautie, Nautie...


I found a link to the pattern for this bugger somewhere (no idea where, don't remember) It's a nautilus! How cool is that?

I didn't want to use anything of the "fancy" yarn variety since I didn't really know what I was doing. So I went with the old reliable Caron Simply Soft (grape & orchid for the shell, off white for the face) I followed the pattern pretty much exactly, I used #6 needles instead of #4 (there's a UFO on my #4's at the moment) I also had a hard time curling the thing as I went. So I made it straight and then curled it after it was all knitted up. Much easier!

The shell part is about 5.5" across, the face adds another couple inches to that.

I had fun making it. I managed to conquer dpn's! Woot! I kinda like making toy type things I think...

May 16, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!


This little guy was my Mother's Day present to my mom. The pattern is here. The picture that goes with the pattern is rather more short and fat than mine, and the head looks different... I'll have to work on that next time...

I followed the pattern except for the recommended yarn. I used the old reliable Caron Simply Soft. I like using that stuff when I don't know what I'm doing!

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